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A little bit about us both...


I started fishing roughly a year before Alex, so felt it necessary to teach my brother all I knew (which was very little!) We both loved our short trips to a local pond after school and found it fascinating, when finally after hours of trying, a small roach would gently tug our float under and supply us with a story to tell our parents over dinner.
Years later, our parents still have not heard the end of our fishing adventures, whether it be about the session where we woke up in a flooded bivvy, or how Alex finally managed to land a double figure barbel from the Wye. I love sharing our stories and documenting them in the form of short YouTube videos, blogs or just sharing photos with my friends.
In recent years we have aimed to catch bigger, rarer specimens from some spectacular waters and in the process upped our personal bests. Although PBs will never be the reason I fish, catching a whopper is a thrill to be remembered! Below are my personal bests for the species I have targeted.
  • Common Carp-UK 41lb 8oz
  • Mirror Carp-UK 43lb 12oz
  • Grass Carp-13lb
  • Bream-8lb 
  • Barbel-13lb 8oz
  • Roach-2lb 0oz
  • Perch-3lb 4oz
  • Tench-7lb 4oz
  • Catfish-53lb
  • Gudgeon-3oz
  • Grayling-1lb 8oz
  • Chub-6lb 1oz
  • Dace-10oz
  • Trout-3lb
  • Pike-31lb 0oz
  • Crucian-1lb 14oz
  • Rudd-2lb 2oz
Alongside fishing my other interests are film making, photography, wildlife and travelling which all tie in well with angling!


I started angling in 2006, after seeing my brother catch fish on his short evening sessions at the lake over the road from us. I remember going to our local day ticket lake with our grandparents, and after 3 hours with no bites my Grandma said to me, "Are you sure you don't want to go to the playground?" and that was the moment which has made me keep fishing! I said no, and about half an hour later I caught my first fish! It was a small roach about 1 oz. I think I learnt patience from that session. If I had gone to the swings I wouldn't have caught that fish and I may not be fishing now!

Strangely the more fishing I do, the more I want to do. I won't be done till we have traveled to every country in the world and caught every species of fish! :) 

  • Common Carp-UK 42lb 4oz 
  • Mirror Carp-38lb 0oz
  • Grass Carp-18lb
  • Bream-6lb 10oz
  • Barbel-10lb 12oz
  • Roach-1lb 8oz
  • Perch-3lb 0oz
  • Tench-6lb 8oz
  • Catfish-UK 51lb
  • Gudgeon-1oz
  • Chub-5lb 10oz
  • Dace-8oz
  • Trout-2lb
  • Pike-25lb 0oz
  • Crucian-1lb 8oz
  • Rudd-2lb 9oz
  • Eel-2lb
  • Sturgeon-700lb (abroad)
  • Sea Bass-4lb

Points of note.
We started fishing in the Spring of 2005
We started making videos about our fishing in 2010
Our YouTube Channel reached 10K Subscribers and 1M views in May 2014
Our YouTube Channel Reached 50K Subscribers and 7M views in July 2017
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